Reivers COVID Procedures

Welcome to The Comb

Covid Precautions – Keeping us all safe

Welcome to the Comb and we hope you enjoy your stay with us. We are doing our utmost to ensure your holiday in Northumberland is wonderful.

Our highest priority is the health, safety, and security of guests, our staff and wider community. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live, and we have adjusted our protocols accordingly.

With effect from Monday 14th September new laws were put in place in England. These procedures are designed to comply with these new laws while also seeking to ensuring compliance with the underlying principles of seeking to minimize the risk of infection being spread.

  • As per HM government & NHS guidance we politely request that you refrain from visiting The Comb should you or any member of your household start displaying any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • Again per HM government guidance groups of up to a 6 (more in certain exceptions such as from the same household) are allowed to travel.
  • As with other hostels and hotels, The Comb can accept simultaneous bookings from multiple groups of up to 6 subject to our overall capacity of 20.
  • Our policy is to ensure these groups are known to each other and willing to co-ordinate as this aids compliance and safety during their visit to The Comb.
  • Each group should have a lead person who provides their details, the size of their group plus written confirmation of their understanding and acceptance of these procedures on behalf of their group.
  • Each group must maintain a social distance of 2 meters from other groups both indoors and outdoors. This can be reduced to 1 meter plus if masks are used however, if possible, 2 meters distance should be maintained.
  • Members of any group should not enter the bedroom of another group or use their en-suite washing facilities.
  • As with any location in England whether at home, in pubs, restaurants, hotels, parks or any indoor and outdoor space, the legal responsibility for compliance with the new laws rests with the individual. Breaches of the law can result in fines
  • We sincerely hope that you will have a happy and healthy holiday. However, should a member of your party develop symptoms, the Government advice is to return to your primary residence, and self-isolate there for a period of 7 days (14 days for the other group members).  Please do let us know if you do develop symptoms, as the cleaning protocols will be different.
  • Arrival and departure times must be adhered to strictly as our cleaning procedures are now taking longer as we clean and then disinfect. This is to keep you as safe as possible. Arrival time is 5pm and departure time is 10 am. Please leave the key in the lock inside and close the door behind you.
  • Please take all bedding, including mattress protectors and pillow protectors, off the bed and all bath linen, including bath mats out of the bathroom and place them in the laundry bags provided in your room. Not glamorous, on the last day of your holiday, we know. However, as 7/10 people who have had the antibody test did not have any symptoms, the Government is advising we have to assume that someone in your party COULD be carrying the virus. One of the routes for contracting the virus is through the air, and it is considered that removing bedding could make the virus airborne, which is why they advise asking guests to strip the beds themselves.
  • Please empty all bins (including bathroom and bedroom bins) and place into the large outside bins at the bottom of the Comb driveway.
  • Please open all windows before departure to allow for ventilation of the rooms.
  • Please ensure no items such as glasses, dishes etc are left in bedrooms etc. and ensure that the property is left in the clean and tidy way in which it was found.
  • Our cleaning team have all been briefed on Covid 19 good hygiene practices and we have introduced enhanced cleaning measures for all high contact areas such as door handles, light switches and similar. Our Risk Assessment and Cleaning Schedule are available upon request.
  • On arrival at the Comb, drive up the driveway and park in the car park. Access to the Comb will be through the door at back of building facing that carpark. The Comb will be opened before your arrival by the key holder and the sanitised key will be left in the lock.
  • If you have any issues during your stay please get in touch with us at

The Comb is large spacious building for up the 20 people with large public rooms, kitchen and en-suite bathrooms for every bedroom. It is enclosed in 60 acres of its own land which in turn is surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of forest and National Park. Consequently it offers an environment where compliance with the new laws and an enjoyable visit are readily possible.

We have put procedures in place, to ensure as much as possible, that you have a safe stay and we would ask a few things from you in return.

We hope that you will have a fabulous holiday.